Pgam Ha’Brit is dedicated to providing you resources to assist with the very difficult challenge of over coming your desire/compulsion to sin.  We live in a sick work with temptations in every nook and cranny.  In our generation, this challenge is almost overwhelming.  You may even think that its impossible to overcome this challenge.

We are here to let you know that you are not alone.  You can join many other people just like you and in the exact same situation as you who have already done so and are in to process of living a happier, holier, healthier, life.

The aveyrah of wasting seed plagues our generation.  By being strong and fighting the temptation and doing teshuva we will merit to see the geulah shelaima.  Fighting the temptation and the Yetzer Ha’Rah will enable you to overcome any challenge in life.

This website is a clearinghouse of information for you to utilize and assist you.  Please watch the videos, read the books and articles, and educate yourself about the pitfalls and solutions for this very real problem.