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The Battle of Our Generation  

A Practical Guide to “Shmirat Ha’Brit”eBook.


Windows of The Soul

A Mans Practical Guide to Mastering His Eyes

by Rabbi Zvi Miller


Shmirat Habrit Pamphlet

by Tzvi Fishman


Holy Nation Pamphlet

A guide for Shmiras Ha’Bris by Lehavas Hatorah



This extraordinary find was put together by The Holminer Rav, Rebbe Sholem Yehuda Gross shlita and his group of Talmidei Chachamim at the Holmin Institute in Jerusalem, Israel. If your Rabbi doesn’t want to teach you the Emet about this holy mitzvah, then you can take initiative to become an KADOSH by learning it for yourself.  This priceless book is highly recommended for Men & Women, and will leave you no excuse about learning this topic.  The compilation of countless sources from the holy Torah and its Sages will help you even help others in your community.  Its not only priceless.

It is clear that the public needs even more information on what the Shulchan Aruch calls “The Biggest Sin In The Torah.”  After posting our recent TIKKUN HaBRIT (Wasting Seed II) lecture, we were excited by the Teshuva feedback that many gave us.  Baruch HaShem people want more Emet, so they can get closer to Shlemut (state of be complete) with HaKaDosh Baruch Hu.   Many have asked us for the books we used for the shiurim, but since they were many, and were mostly written only in Hebrew, HaShem decided to give Am Yisrael the gift that they’ve been asking for.

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